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Nowadays, the world is moving towards full integration in real time with all imaginable forms of communication, and it is in this scenario that is born Wishclub! A company that formed with the main objective to become a model of efficiency, innovation and sustainability from the formation of a large club members that utilize the benefits of the tool the Multilevel Maketing (MLM) to leverage results and achieve your goals.

Watching all the enterprises of this segment and its proceedings, has been researched and studied every organizational detail, the pros and cons, all to create a multinational company within this segment that would not only stay in the market in 2 or 3 years, but decades and decades with full sustainability. Acting in promising markets such as e-commerce, technology etc ...

The Wishclub is essentially a service club that came to join forces to millions and millions of independent consultants worldwide who work on their own seeking better quality of life, personal and professional satisfaction. Are motivated and immensely passionate about what people do, and it is on behalf of all this passion and motivation unmatched by business that wants to do Wishclub and is already making history in the MLM industry!

Managing a complete marketing plan, it is part of a pool of companies focused on finding the best solutions for any large number of consultants who have around the world. Wishclub is a company of Asblkeu Enterprise Group, the parent company, which along with: Wishmz, Backmidia, Shopcon, and Allshoop Brands & Gold, seeking full integration of products and services between their companies, with the main objective to grow sustainably expanding and distributing gains and quality of life to your Club unlimited Members of million of people in many countries!